Top 6 Racy Super Bowl Ads: America’s game no longer family friendly

Our Top 5 Super Bowl commercials

Concept – Calvin Klen blog comments powered by Disqus Jeneba Jalloh Ghatt is a former journalist turned lawyer turned citizen journalist.

2013 Super Bowl

Top 7 Super Bowl 2013 Ads by Youtube Views: (date: 02/07/13) >>Watch all 2013 Super Bowl Ads Now<< The Superbowl 2013 has been played.

Super Bowl Commercials 2013: Ads That Will Linger on as Pop Culture Staples

The casting is a total turnoffit seems like people that arent funny trying to be funny.

Ad Analysis: Which Super Bowl commercials won and lost last night? [w/video]

In an entirely separate study, car-number crunchers Autometrics had some dramatically different results (see the press release, below ).

Especially this year, where the Super Bowl broke viewing records, the most important part of your commercial is to be good or bad enough that youre on everyones mind.

The Old Spice Ad Guru Talks Super Bowl Commercials


Like, when he’s too old to keep up in the “industry?” (Also, is that guy single?) 2.

Some NASCAR commercials may rival Super Bowl ads

In the end, you find out that they were chasing him for some Mountain Dew when Earnhardt stops, climbs out of the car and says, Just because theres Dew on the car doesnt mean theres Dew in the car. Actually, I think the one that aired during the Super Bowl featured Earnhardt carrying a camel through the desert.

Most Watched Super Bowl Ads of 2013 on Youtube

Most Watched Super Bowl Ads of 2013 on Youtube

Plus it combines that underlying message with a Spanish version of an already catchy pop-rock hit.

From Bud to GoDaddy: The best and worst Super Bowl XLVII commercials

Myers said in speaking to CBS, she was told the network broke even or took a slight loss on Super Bowl ad revenue.

How much money did CBS make from 2013 Super Bowl ads? Try $220 million

To continue the wall-to-wall Super Bowl coverage going on this week, here is a list of five keys to victory for both teams: 1.


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