The Old Spice Ad Guru Talks Super Bowl Commercials


Doritos, Goat 4 Sale To me, that wasnt funny. I guess when youre a writer or a creative in advertisement you have a real keen eye for stuff you think is ripping off other commercials. Theres a really well-known skittles commercial called Rabbit (hyperlink: about a singing rabbit that a guy trades his skittles for. He loves it first until it wont stop singing and it drives him nuts, kind of like this goat that wont stop eating. That rabbit commercial is great, and this is not great. It didnt make me laugh. I react initially to production value a lot. The casting is a total turnoffit seems like people that arent funny trying to be funny. The actor and the wardrobethe music is corny. The production quality is poor. The shots are poorly framed. Its got a laundry list of things that annoy me. GoDaddy, Big Kiss I took in two commercials yesterday with no intention of taking in any ads and it was the Ram one and this one. Its just going for shock value and I guess it got peoples attention. I dont think it made anyone go to GoDaddy with the intention of utilizing their business.


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